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NoteLocker is a modular and flexible locker for recharging and storing your electronic equipment such as notebooks (up to 17″ inches), smart phones, iOS devices etc. The modularity of our NoteLocker allows you to decide the number of storage compartments your cabinet should have, door colour, locking system and whether it should be the floor or wall version.

Secure and energy-saving solution
Available in modules of three and four compartments, these notebook locker modules can be connected together to create as many combinations of compartments as you need. This allows you to firm precisely the solution you want to achieve and that best matches the rest of the furniture and fittings in the room.

A range of available options
As standard, NoteLocker is fitted with one power socket in each compartment. No special wiring is required, the mains cable with a built-in RCD safety switch requires only a standard plug socket. As an option, your NoteLocker can be delivered with 2 power sockets / a power socket and a network connection per compartment.

To enable easy identification you may wish to choose coloured doors which are available for your notebook storage and charging cabinet.

To keep your laptops safe and secure, a choice of different locking options is available. As standard, NoteLocker is supplied with a rotating handle for a padlock. Alternatively, there is the option of having a key or combination lock (simple or electronic). Key locks are available with individual keys,or keyed alike if required. There is also an option for a master key system. Special locking requirements can also be met.

Easy and quick assembly
NoteLockers are delivered unassembled to avoid any possible damages during the transport. Following the user instructions, it becomes quick and easy to assemble your modules!

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